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The author has chosen to analyze Gerard Manley Hopkins` poem “Spring and Fall.” The key themes in the poem are sorrow and mortality. The poem uses a lot of symbolism and imagery to bring out the message. I like the poem I since it is a modern narrative concerning the philosophical definition of mortality. It follows an event imagining an adult in a conversation with a girl called Margaret. It utilizes numerous poetic devices to depict the reality of human existence, focusing on death. The young girl is faced with the fact of death and wonders entails. The speaker is honest and tells her that life is unfair and then she will get used to it with time. Growing up makes it easier to understand what life entails.
The post recognizes that the author of the poem uses symbolism and metaphors to depict themes. I also find the narrative rich with symbolism and imagery. The interpretation of the second where the speaker asks Margret why she is crying over “Over Goldengrove unleaving” (Hopkins, 1962) means dying. The post also identifies “Sorrow Springs” as the source of sadness in life. There are some differences between my interpretation and the post. I feel like poem explores the subject of mortality and death factually. The speaker answers Margret’s question s truthfully regardless of her age. However, the post does not illustrate this. The symbolism only highlights Margaret`s perspective. However, d…

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