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Class Activity 1

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Class Activity 1
Algebra means uniting the broken parts. It is a term in mathematics that carries the broader perspective of mathematics. Generally, it is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules that are used to change the symbols. Algebra can be traced back before the 19 century when it meant solving polynomial equations specifically those with degrees below four. Evolution has taken place and a real change was experienced in the 19th century.
However, despite the changes, there are many similarities between the classical and modern algebra. For instance, in classical algebra, polynomial equations like linear equations and quadratic equations were solved. In modern algebra, the same equations are solved though the evolution has made it easy to solve more complex equations. In both categories of the algebra, there is the use of negative numbers and multiplication rule is applied.
Over the years with the evolution of mathematics, there have been numerous differences between the classic and modern algebra. For instance, during the early classical algebra, all problems occurred and the solutions were done verbally without the use of the algebraic notation (Kleiner, 1). The solutions were prescriptive in that a description was given on how to give the answer. No justification was given for the procedures used in getting the answers. Something else important to note about the differences between the two is that after…

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