Claim of Value-Why travel is the best way to learn about culture

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Claim of Value-Why travel is the best way to learn about culture

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Travel is the Best Way to Learn about Culture
Many people believe that life’s real education occurs outside the learning premises. A classroom which includes your fellow students, teachers, and textbooks is one mode of study, but you cannot use it to attain everything that you desire especially understanding the cultures of various tribes. Actually, through traveling from one place to another is the best way you can achieve and learn basic things that matter in your life. This means if you stroll through different regions you will eventually learn cultures of different people, which means that travel will never ever fail you. This paper provides details that justify that travel is the best way to learn cultures.
Travelling includes moving from one part of your country to another part or moving from your own country to a foreign country (Glick, Nina, and Noel, 183-200). Through this movement, one gets to learn and understand how cultures from different parts of the world vary and also what aspect of culture are common (Sorokin, 120). While exploring, a person realizes that there exist different types of food, etiquettes, and lifestyles among different cultures. There are also some similar aspects of culture that are noted such as love, hospitality, art and the concepts of ancestors.
Language is another aspect of culture that a person needs to formalize with during the time of travel. Different cultures have differen…

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