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Civil War
The civil war of the year 1861 fought in the US, was mainly brought about by the controversies surrounding the enslavement of the black people. The outcome of the war led to the separation of 7 Southern slave-states from the country shortly after the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln. The Secession forces created the affiliated state of America while the union consisted of the loyalties of the state that fought against the affiliates (Shmucker 101). Slavery was not the only cause of disunion since there were other causes however, it is important to know that it was the main cause. The introduction of the initial emancipation proclamation was a crucial aspect of the war, since it transformed the battles of stabilizing the nation to a fight for human liberty and equality to all (Guelzo 54). Although the civil war had a negative impact to the state, it led to the freedom of all the slaves and introduction of new laws that conserved the freedom of all Individuals while maintaining their loyalty to the country.
The one element that was achieved by the US after preserving the union was the end of slavery. Since the year 1863 and today, amendments were formulated in the constitution to make the abolition of slavery valid. In support of President Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation, the formation of the 13th amendment effectively turned the abolition of slavery into law across the US (Finkelman 1). With …

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