Civil War

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Civil War

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The Civil War
The Civil War is one of the events that have remained and will always be in the memory of the Americans. It was a war between those who supported slavery and those who opposed it 1860 (Andrews 34). After the election of Abraham Lincoln, the United States was split into two (Andrews 29). It took four years before the war came to an end, with the Northern States winning it. The Southerners were left devastated.
Although many can say that the war was inevitable, the reality is that there were ways that could have made it avoidable. A meeting of the elected officials could have been planned in which the issue of slavery would have been discussed. As such, a decision that considered the rights of all citizens would have been made with no violence. Another way of avoiding it was to impeach President Lincoln who was not liked by the Southern states; it can also be argued that he favoured the Northerners (Andrews 23).
The Civil War remains important because, just like World War II, it was a turning point in the American history. Most countries that go through such a phase rarely come back strong. America, however, became one again and has since developed even further. However, not all the causes of that war have since been abandoned. It still is significant in the modern American life because causes such as racism and inequality can still be seen.
The United States has greatly improved strides since the Civil War. It went throug…

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