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Civil War Discussion

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Could the civil war ever have been avoided? How and why?
The Civil War could never have been avoided. The reason it wouldn’t have been avoided is because of the unfair treatment of the slave states by the Free states over power in the national government. Slavery was also a major issue that had not been addressed. Something had to be done to ensure equal treatment of national government power in prohibiting slavery. The slave states felt the need to have the slaves freed in the territories that were yet to be made states. They, however, didn’t have a chance to vote for the same in the national government.
Why do you think the story of the Civil remains so popular a subject today?
The story remains relevant to date because of its success. The success of the Civil War is enjoyed to date. It promoted peace between the North and the South. It helped to promote human rights to all persons irrespective of their place in the society. It also resulted in the abolishment of slavery and the slave trade. All the States in the United States were given equal treatment in the national government from the period henceforward.
Can you imagine a scenario in which the United States could ever again devolve into disunion and civil war?
The United States could never devolve into disunion and civil war. The reason behind this is because the government knows the consequences of the disunion. Today, unlike in the past, people know their rights. They …

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