Civil Rights Movement (1950-1960)

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Civil Rights Movement (1950-1960)

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Civil Rights Movement – A Nexus for Change
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Civil Rights Movement – A Nexus for Change
Civil Rights Movement has proved to be a nexus of major social, cultural and political changes within the United States. Surely, like any other great event in history, it has a number of root-causes that has led towards this event. However, its aftermath has proved itself to provide numerous changes in American society. This paper will observe those changes in the light of historical events.
Educational Grounds
The post-1968 civil rights have provided a turning point for potential reforms in educational system. Events like, Kent College shooting incident has enhanced the potential outlook for people living all around the United States. It has caused massive agitation against the prejudiced behavior of national guards and this has opened room towards educational and civil rights reforms in the upcoming years.
Another major foundation stone includes the 1954 Reverent Brown case that has been decided in favor of his child to pursue education in a white school. It also included the induction of nine black students having military protection in a white school at Little Rock, Arkansas.
Civil Rights Grounds
Slavery has been abolished in 1865. However, the African Americans are not treated equally as compared to White Americans. It includes beating events at the hands of Ku Klux Klan and different separatists. There wer…

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