Civil Engineering Capstone Project

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Civil Engineering Capstone Project

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Pronouns are words which can be used as substitutes of a noun in a sentence. There are numerous categories of pronouns, but the most common are personal pronouns, reference pronouns, indefinite pronouns, reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns to name a few. When a pronoun is used alongside a noun, the latter becomes a noun phrase or an antecedent. Sentences with personal pronouns should have a precursor to avoid vagueness and ambiguity. In a sentence, the choice of personal pronoun matters because it has to agree with the antecedent. Incorrect reference pronouns introduce uncertainty and thus leads to lack of clarity or meaning when used in a sentence. In the quest of eliminating the bias, there is a higher likelihood that the sentence structure will change. A sentence can have more than one antecedent. However, this may create confusion on the choice of personal pronoun to use in a sentence.
Practice Exercises
Exercise 1 – Page 244
They, their
Its, its,
Your, their
She, her
They, they
Exercise 2 – Page 245
All workers should be counseled so that they can do their best work.
My friend approached the supervisor seeking permission to see a psychiatrist.
When I requested a transfer, they asked for reasons for my transfer.
Our teaching methods may not work for adults from other countries. They…

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