City Council Budget Proposal

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City Council Budget Proposal

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City Council Budget Proposal
The North City has a population of 200, 000 and is still growing, it has three operational hospitals and receives 10 million visitors per year. The city has an almost balanced gender distribution of mostly white citizens doing business or in the management positions. The average age of its citizens stands at 35 years with many people having family households made up of three members. And it is home to NFL football team, where a majority of the residents watch the game in the stadia.
The police department is well equipped with 407 sworn officers who work as patrol officers, detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, and commanders in charge of patrol, investigations, and special operations. There is the chief of police and assistant chiefs. The 200 civilian personnel handle radio, records, police aides, crime scene personnel, and lab scientists. There are approximately 600 employees in the police department comprising the sworn officers and civilian personnel.
Our team approach to making budget cuts is to look at the current budget and see how, where, when and what can be cut and still have an effectively working police department. During our deliberations, we thought in terms of staffing, equipment, training, and assignments. Looking at each area we made efforts to make cuts while still ensuring the police department remains functional and effective in its duty of maintaining law and order while securing the city….

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