Church Vitality

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Church Vitality

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Church Vitality.
Literature Review
The Baptist Church is a church of love. Just as the Bible teaches of hope and how Jesus loved the church and died for it and will come back for it. The church spends more than $86 million for gifts to missions. Every visitor is treated with a Bible as a way of appreciation of their acceptance to fellowship with the church. The church has a continuous pastorate program in which the pastors, as well as leaders, visit the members by voluntary invitations. All these activities are done following trust, passion as well as the conviction of the Christian faith and the belief in the Bible CITATION Lar01 l 1033 (Elrod, 2001).
The Black Church’s vitality is very crucial to its welfare. There is a need for possessing a bigger conversation; involving the people concerned with the future generations of the Black evangelists in the America at large. The Baptist church has been existing for quite a long time in America there is a need to come up with meaningful services that hold the broken communities together. To build the vitality of the church, there is much emphasis on physical attending of the church services and not being too much attached to the television evangelism CITATION Cha151 l 1033 (Dates, 2015).
Church vitality is the backbone of any church, and it involves all the activities as well as programs that are set forth to assure the continuation of the church. In other words, it is what keeps the church…

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