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Chronicle of Billy the Bachelor
Billy’s day started with the alarm going off at 5 am to wake him prepare for work. Upon hearing the ticking sound, Billy kicked the alarm, and it fell below the bed. Due to the impact, the alarm stopped, and Billy continued to sleep as if nothing happened. He was woken up by a call from one of his workmates who he was supposed to meet at the bus stop. Billy requested his friend to wait for him, and he hurriedly dashed out of bed without even tiding it. Time was not on his side, and Billy decided to skip bathing. Furthermore, he had showered the previous day. Billy rushed to the bathroom to brush before heading to his untidy closet.
The closet was very untidy, and Billy tried searching for an official shirt only to realize that most of his clothes were dirty. Billy wore the pants he wore the previous day and started looking for a shirt to wear in a pile of dirty clothes. Luckily, he managed to spot a grey shirt, but it was wrinkled and needed ironing, but he did not have sufficient time to do that. Billy’s friend called again, and this time around, he was agitated for waiting for him for a long. In the middle of the conversation, Billy started searching for his pair of socks only to find one. He decided to wear two different socks because he could not find a partner, so he wore shoes without socks. His friend decided to board a bus because he felt Billy might take longer and tim…

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