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Category: Satire Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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In this essay, I shall speak about the subjects that interested me the most during the course. In that way, I intend to provide a full picture of the subjects that caught my attention and, in the space provided, argument on them. The subject that caught our attention was the differences between the Eastern and Western Catholic Churches. I knew that the Eastern Church existed, but what I did not know, was the history behind it, and all the complex power relations existing between them. To think that the Christian Church was in the beginning, just one and that those frictions that originated irreconcilable differences among the church, separated what in the beginning was just one creed, is amazing. The Church have lasted so much time because the apparent unity that exists in it, but the great schism of the 11th century, shows us other picture. In the same way, the separation of both churches has created a cultural gap between the East, and the West that still exists. Not only in matters of religion, but cultural; architectonic, and artistically. The schisms severed the ties we had with the west, and that is why we perceive the Eastern European culture as alien, in many cases.
However, when closely scrutinized, and in a layman’s eyes, the differences between Eastern, and Western Church are not as big. Nevertheless, there are some differences that albeit small, represent huge doctrinal …

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