Chris McCandless is a transcendentalist?

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Chris McCandless is a transcendentalist?

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Christopher McCandless as a Trascendalist
Transcendentalism denotes the aspect of being and materialism ejector non-conformist and becoming one with nature. According to Crocker snogging it can be found out that McCandless happens to achieve several aspects of which makes “Whose to be a man and to be non-conformist” (Emerson 56). McCandless shared that he did not want anything in life rather than happiness and he found please in the wilderness (Thoreau, 50). According to Emerson (56), self-reliance in the aspect “Necessity forms conspiracy against manhood” is portrayed by the life that my candles leave while in Mexico Alaska and the west coast. It is evident that, wrote the novel my candles seem to promote an aspect of nature talking about employees while working at McDonald’s. He portrayed it when he wrote in a letter to Ronald Franz and other letters like my candles to Ronald Franz about one becoming “inclined with monotonous security and shows an aspect of adopting a health star-delta style of life.” According to Emerson (57), “the move about number dick live 30 to make it there to be a new horizon.”
Emerson (40) offers an analysis of how McDonald’s communicate about nature and aspect that is communicated around the life of McDonald’s. For instance, it has been found out that “he always went about nature and trees and the fact that the weird stuff like that” made him allude to the life of be…

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