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Physiotherapy on Edema
Swellings are a result of the chemical reactions in the body of the patient. The release of chemical agents from cells happens due to the injuries or venous causes of the cells and accumulates around the affected area (Mathes & Alguire, 2018). Moreover, the skin acts as a barrier for these fluids from moving outside thus the area covered with soft swollen skin referred to as the edema. In this instance, a case of the 84-year-old female has lived with edema related to a venous disease on her lower legs will be reviewed. The edema positioned right above her ankles on both feet. She was found to be lying with her legs touching and the edema positions touching each other.
I would advise the patient legs to be separately maintained while sleeping. Since the edema worsens when the skins of the both affected areas get in to contact, and it may burst thus causing ulcers (Mathes & Alguire, 2018). I would educate her on the dietary components to take while she is under medication, to facilitate the healing process. Moreover, I would advise on the food substances that she will be taking in the post-treatment period to prevent the future incidence of the venous diseases that caused the edema.
Additionally, I would train the nurses on the best position in which the patient would be maintained to avoid the pressure on the affected area to prevent the skin from bursting (Mathe & Alguire, 2018)….

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