Choose ONE of the following questions to answer

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Choose ONE of the following questions to answer

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Question one
“The Day It Happened” is about domestic abuse. The narrator brings out some incidences indicating domestic. It is the day that a great fight emerged between the two couples who are victims of domestic abuse leading to the separation. It is the day when Josie felt that enough is enough and decided to leave Ramon for the sake of the safety of the baby. This essay talks about the various issues that we can attribute to domestic abuse. Three of the incidences pointed out in the story has been discussed as follows.
The fist issue the narrator brings out is about the two couple, Josie, and Ramon. The narrator is scared about the fact that Jose is picking up and leaving Ramon. The two had been together for just six months and already they were undergoing serious problems. Ramon used to work until very late at seven from Monday to Friday as well as five in the evening on Saturday. Whenever he arrived in the house from work, he expected a well-prepared dinner to be ready on the table after exactly five minutes upon his arrival.

He expected the dinner to be at the right temperature. Failure to meet these conditions, Ramon would yell at Josie. Sometimes the yelling would arise without a genuine reason. This is one of the incidents of domestic abuse because generally, the society expects people who stay together to stay in harmony and to respect one another as much as possible. Furthermore yelling degrades the dignity of someone wit…

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