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Choose four questions from directions

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Chapter one
Question 1
Define abnormal behavior (a psychological disorder) and describe psychological dysfunction, distress, and atypical or unexpected cultural response
Abnormal behavior- this is a deviation from the healthy behaviors of a person. The action usually distorts the functions one was performing earlier before. Therefore, considering it a psychological disease, as it is a mental illness, (Dovidio, p.4). Psychological dysfunction- this is an individual’s associated with distress; usually a response not culturally expected. It can be an addiction to specific negative behavior, mostly drug abuse.
Psychological distress- is a condition which occurs as a result of not being able to cope with unpleasant feelings and experiences. Some people deal with the loss of a loved one differently and have difficulty continuing with their daily activities as they previously did.
Typical or unexpected cultural response-results after a cultural shock, where one does not accept the new culture and annoyance build up leading to a frustrated life. A life that is characterized by outbursts, over petty issues.
Question 2
Describe the multidimensional integrative approach to diagnosing and evaluating abnormal behavior and explain why it is important. The multidimensional integrative approach is the treatment of psychological disorders through various methods; psychology, psychiatry, and massage, mainly used to treat maladapt…

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