Chinese Immigration in USA

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Chinese Immigration in USA

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Problems of Chinese people when they move to USA
Today, the Chinese make up for five percent of the total immigrant population in the United States CITATION Bat15 p “, par. 1” l 1033 (Batalova and Hooper , par. 1). Although the situations regarding employment and standards of life have improved significantly from the first wave of Chinese immigration in the 1800s, the Chinese population in US still encounters problems in terms of social interactions and cultural differences. Migration, in and of itself, is a stressful event. By asking to adjust oneself to a new, unfamiliar environment, which might be significantly different from one’s native one, migration triggers alterations on a cultural, social, emotional and mental level. This, in turn, triggers acute stress, often defined as acculturative stress CITATION Sod95 p 123-154 l 1033 (Sodowsky, Kwan and Pannu 123-154). It refers to adjustment difficulties a person undergoes while trying to acclimatize oneself with a new culture. The response towards the differences in culture, attitudes and behaviours is often negative, and may also be characterized by deterioration in mental and physical health CITATION Ber87 p 493 l 1033 (Berry, Kim and Minde 493).
Of these, mingling with the native population is the persisting problem: social interaction, that is. The Chinese immigrants, who come to the US seeking either employment or education, seem to be reserved. Their inter…

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