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China Abroad Students

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The Possible Implications of Chinese Students Studying Abroad
Within the past 50 years, cross-border mobility has become one of the most important parts of getting an adequate tertiary education. Students from developed countries, tend to see mobility as a way to attain a new cultural focus, and enrich their experiences. On the other hand, cross-border mobility from less developed not industrialized countries has dominated cross-border mobility. It is not a surprise that a country developing as fast as China is already among the largest sources of international students in the world (Li & Bray 792). In the same way, economic globalization, and the internationalization of the educational systems has helped to make the process easier. In the same way, the internationalization of education proposes a series of opportunities that Chinese students are eager to try. Also, being the prospective opportunities in foreign countries, bigger than those in their homeland, many Chinese grasp the opportunities and embark on international education. To most universities, having students from all the world represents an advantage as it shows them as cosmopolite, educational centers that attract minds from every part of the world. It is an interesting fact that China, a country whose primary source of income is exportation, is also exporting students.
In this essay, we aim to explore the trend of the Chinese enroll…

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