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The Danger of a Single Story
The video “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie featured on the TEDTalks show in 2009 and explored the dangers associated with relying on a single story. When individuals continually hear a story from one perspective, the people end up making stereotypical conclusions about other people (“The Danger of a Single Story”). It is wrong to make judgments of the people based on the one-sided story since it is subject to bias.
Culturally, some people are taken as inferior due to their way of life. Adichie says that Europeans take Africans as inferior as a result of the lifestyle they live for instance not wearing modern clothes. However, this is wrong since there are better things in Africa and not just the retrogressive cultures. On the other hand, Adichie only read books written by Europeans eventually culminating in a belief that her way of life was inferior and not worth writing (“The Danger of a Single Story”). In this case, her initial writings had to conform to the customs held in the books she was reading. One story thus forced him to take the western stories with high esteem eventually viewing her culture as inferior and adopting the whites in writing.
When Adichie went to study in the United States, her white roommate, her professor, and other white groups took themselves as higher in the hierarchy of beings. They only knew their superiority and had nothing to do with o…

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