children with exceptionalities

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children with exceptionalities

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Child with Exceptionalities

How a child learns, plays, acts, moves and speaks creates a vital understanding of the child’s growth. Most children can overcome various growth milestones as they age progressively. The purpose of this assessment is to observe (equipped with the right tools, inclusive of vision and hearing), record (checklists and surveys) and document the behavior and growth of a child. Observations are usually made on play-based interactions between the researcher and respective child, in this case a 3-year old child. The research was conducted in a child care center that clearly contributed to the social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional (S.P.I.C.E.) development of a child. The center created an environment ideal for educational, health and entertainment of children. Presence of diverse toys and sporting activities made the center an epitome surrounding for positive development of a child.
However, the research was based on children with exceptional needs, but as reflected from the care center, the respective child (i.e. the 3-year old) despite the signs that she needs special attention, were not highly considered.
A parent/guardian requires an articulate checklist to identify the reaction of the child towards the stipulated milestones (Ali 2013), they include;
SOCIAL Copies friends and adults Takes turns whe…

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