Child labour in India

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Child labour in India

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Child labor in India


Children represent a force of development in any given economy. They bear the seeds of creativity that offer solutions to prevalent issues in different nations around the globe. Most developed countries focus on children through educational investment to ascertain changes in the prospected new leadership in the region. Unfortunately, a huge portion of children is under the spell of child labor for years. Child labors are tasked that hinder children from their dignity and maximum potential and are harmful to their [G1] physical development. The world harbors 1.2 billion individuals between the ages of 10-19 years of age. There are an estimated total number of 186million child laborers in the entire globe. [G2] 

The prevalence of child labor amongst children varies from country to country based on instances of exposure. In the year 2001, India had an estimate of 12.6million children engulfed in child labor (Kara 139). A huge portion of this number engaged in tougher and risky occupations. Most children working under hazardous conditions shun away from the public vicinity. They are constrained in homes from where they contribute to the nation’s underground econom…

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