Child hood memories

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Child hood memories

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Childhood Memories
Around the age of nine, I was a very stubborn child, especially towards my parents. When at home I always argued with my mother about the things that I did not have that my friends owned. I always focused on the deluxe stuff I did not own such as better gaming consoles even though I had more than enough. My parents would suggest working for the extra things I needed, but I hated doing chores and avoided them at all cost. To avoid staying home, I just spend much of my time at my friend’s house which I considered to be much better than mine. My rebellious behaviour prompted my mother to ground me frequently. Despite that, I just became more out of sync with everyone in the household. I spent much of my time in my room and avoided interacting with my family during mealtimes. That summer my parents suggested that we should visit our relatives for a while at their home in the countryside of Indiana instead of taking our regular vacation. After much tantrums from me thinking that it would change my parent’s minds, it was unsuccessful.
We arrived at my uncle’s homestead late evening just before the last light disappeared into the night. As the car made its way into the dusty off-road path, I could see the light emanating from the house at the far end of the vast field covered with corn plantation. The view was breathtaking nothing like I had ever seen before, the sound of the wind whistling as it passed through the trees was …

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