child guidance philosophy

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child guidance philosophy

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Child guidance philosophy is critical for caregivers and educators to gain a full understanding of the developmental factors of toddlers and infants. The physical, social, intellectual, as well emotional development of a child is highly influenced by the one-one interactions with educators and parents. Children tend to learn most of the skills in life by imitating behaviors from those around them. As role models, educators and parents, therefore, need an understanding of the different aspects of a child development as well as the ways to positively influence such aspects to enhance development. Child guidance philosophy enhances the understanding of the basic development areas in order to make age-appropriate curriculums that encourage positive development. (Miller, 2015).
I have largely changed my views and ideas regarding child guidance from the study of the course. I have learned the importance of communication in children development. It is through communication that development areas of concern are identified and well-understood. Communication not only enhances a child’s literacy level but also promotes self-respect. It is also important to exercise patience with children along with the positive modeling of behavior. Patience is a critical factor when dealing with children as they may take time to understand and adjust to new behaviors. I have also learned the importance of family and cult…

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