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child abuse revised

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Child Abuse
Furbish, Lawrence. ‘Child abuse and neglect by parents compared with other caregivers: U.S.A. Connecticut General Assembly publishers.1998
Krug, Etienne. World report on violence and health. U.S.A: World health organization publishers. 2002
I would choose the above books because they have topics on child abuse and neglect. I would distribute the books to the children and request them to go over the book in ten minutes to create anxiety in their minds on the topics. The discussion would start from there as they demand to know why the children have burns and bandages on their bodies. I would start discussing the topic of child abuse from the questions raised.
Child abuse
Physical abuse in children takes the form of hitting children with heavy objects especially metals, kicking the child, burning the child with hot liquids, beating them up mercilessly, threatening the children with knives, guns and other weapons, and choking the child. I will continue to explain that physical abuse is the common form of abuse experienced by children and realized by health workers and other concerned persons. Other children have their buttocks spanked using hands, hair pulled, receive heavy slaps on their face sometimes to dislocate the jaws, have their ears twisted, and are forced to stand and kneel over a long time in uncomfortable situations. Some guardians place hot pepper in children’s mouth.
The corporal punishment involves causing ser…

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