Chick Fil A Eat Mor Chikin

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Chick Fil A Eat Mor Chikin

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Chick Fil A – Eat Mor Chikin Campaign
Chick Fil A – Eat Mor Chikin Campaign
TV Advertisement
The Chick-Fil-A’s advertisement shows a significant amount of creativity. The company has diversified the commercials to various platforms, and that has created a sort of iconic symbol for the brand (Phelps, 2014). The uniqueness of the campaign has exposed the organization’s business.
The Cows in the Campaign
The use of cows to promote chicken provided a unique approach to capturing the attention of the consumers. The cows seem to indicate that individuals should stick to eating chicken (Phelps, 2014). The paradoxical nature of the ad created hype around the brand.
YouTube Channel
The company contains a YouTube channel to post several videos related to Chick-Fil-A events, new menus, and commercials. The content mostly includes clips of customers consuming the firm’s products and their subsequent reactions (Phelps, 2014). The YouTube channel allows customers to express their experiences with the products and thus that encourages others to seek the brand.
The company’s website shows the various products they offer. The site does not link to the YouTube channel, and the consumers cannot access captivating videos (Chick-Fil-A n.d.). The website acts as a brochure for the public, and thus it does not offer a lot of engagement with the public.
Facebook Page
The brand contains many followers on the Facebook page. The social media manage…

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