Chi Square Data Analysis

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Chi Square Data Analysis

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Chi-Square Data Analysis
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Chi-Square Data Analysis
These responses are based on a firefighting data results analyzed using chi-square thus, explaining the results of the test and the meaning behind the figures. A correct deduction can be made from the data as to whether there is any gender bias present in the promotion activity.
Q1. What Factors Should the Assistant Chief Consider In Determination of Gender Bias in Firefighter Promotion?
The assistant chief should consider the number of men and women who applied for promotions and the number of men and women who qualified for promotions and a comparison of these figures in relation to the former data.
Q2. Is the Promotional Status of Recently Promoted Firefighters Independent of Their Gender?
According to the chi-square determined, the result suggests that the promotional status of firefighters is independent of their gender because the chi-square variable calculated is greater than the probability given (3.6845> 0.054919). The null hypothesis is a failure to have a gender bias or discrimination of applicants based on gender in the selection of firefighters (H0). The alternative is there are gender bias and discrimination against sexes in the selection and promotion of firefighters. (H1) CITATION Sta18 l 1033 (Statistics solutions, 2018). The resultants finding is larger than the probability of par chi-square data analysis. This analysis hence revokes and rejects the a…

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