Chest Pain

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Chest Pain

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The most probable diagnoses basing on the symptoms and physical findings exhibited by the thirty-two-year-old patient is pericarditis. Pericarditis is caused by viral infection. This disease might also have developed as result of bacterial infection and Injury to the mediastinal area. The patient might be suffering from uncomplicated pericarditis, this results in pleuritic-type chest pains which the client is suffering from.
The client should undergo chest radiography and laboratory test so that the diagnosis is confirmed and more information on the degree of effusion is confirmed. Pericarditis is very mild, but short-term treatment might be needed for this patient so that he can overcome the pains which he is facing (Garcia, Mario J., et al 1996, 118). Pericarditis which the client is facing might be the inflammation of the pericardial sac which is surrounding the heart and the origins of the vessels.
For the patient to be treated he should have n ECG and chest radiograph, a diagnostic testing will help determine if the patient is in serious condition or not. For this client, a viral infection might have caused pericarditis. Purulent pericarditis which is as result of bacterial infection is very are, but human immunodeficiency virus might be the cause of pericarditis.
Another test to be carried out is Coronary catheterization; the test will enable the doctor to identify the arteries in the heart of the patient that …

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