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The short story, “the story of an hour,” begins with the character, Louise Mallard, a wife who greatly suppress hers desired to have freedom and independence. She understands her to wish for self-discovery the moment she receives news about her dead husband. The main idea is based on the character Mallard who is a feminist, throughout the story she has emotions that are not of sadness and despair even after the death of her husband. In this light, she is relieved beyond her expectations and almost to appoint of rejoicing that her husband is gone forever. An independent, intelligent woman, Louise understands the correct way of for women to act or behave; however, her internal thoughts and feeling are nothing but right.
In this short story, the author creates a character (Louise mallard ) that is the main protagonist, and gives her personalities that can be discussed using adjectives like; relieved, repressed, and Frail. This is before receiving the news. In addition, when Louise gets the information that her husband was not dead, the author assigns different personality traits to the main protagonist that can be described using adjectives like; sad, shocked, and disbelieving.
She was a victim for her husband, and she was unhappy with her. She feels relieved when the husband dies in the accident. She felt that she could be independent. Apparently, it is right to say that the way in a loveless relationship. When the …

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