Chapters 17 through 26 of The Prince by Niccolo machiavelli

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Chapters 17 through 26 of The Prince by Niccolo machiavelli

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(Machiavelli Chapter 17 summary. )This chapter talks about the prince approach to mercy. The author of the book stresses that between love and fear, a prince should choose to be feared since it is easy to control fear more than love. However, making people to fear him does not mean to instill hate among the subjects toward the prince. (Machiavelli 58- 60)
(Machiavelli Chapter 18)
The chapter talks about the virtual of the prince in keeping his word. The author stresses that a price should act in a way that shows he is virtues, stay true to his word if he can but be deceptive if he must. In the end, the actions of the king won’t determine whether he is virtues or not, only the outcome of his leadership will be judged.
Machiavelli Chapter 19
The chapter discuss hate and despise. It advises the prince to act in ways that will avoid him being hated. Hate and dislike from follows can easily lead to his elimination. A king should avoid getting his hands dirty and allow his subordinates to do it for him. In this way, he won’t be associated with the dirty work thus limiting the hate and despise from the people.
(Machiavelli Chapter 20)
The chapter talks about the art of maintaining power. The prince has the utmost methods at his disposal to assist him in maintaining power. However, empowering the subject is the most effective method than ruling a disarmed society for the fear that it may rise against you.
(Machiavelli Chapter 21)
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