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Case Study
The bone marrow transplant is a procedure where the bone marrow that is damaged is replaced with healthy stem cells. Bone marrow failure occurs when hemopoietic cell damage happens thus causing hypoplastic anemia. The defect can either be congenital or acquired. For the case provided, the condition is congenital. Transplant is vital since the disease affects the red blood cells, white blood cell, and platelets.
To achieve a successful transplant, a medical practitioner should follow the required transplant procedures. The patient should be healthy and undergo a transplant procedure to ensure that he or she is fit for the transplant. Some of the factors to consider before the transplant is the age, patient’s diagnosis, and the condition or the stage of the disease. These elements are vital when the medical practitioner is examining if the patient is fit for the transplant. The donor’s bone marrow should match with that of the patient. Furthermore, the functioning of the patient’s vital organs is tested before the main procedure of transplant (Kröger et al. 2126). For a successful transplant, the medical Practitioners conducting the surgery should be experienced to recognize and detect problems that could be associated with the transplant.
Ethical Issues
Kröger et al. (2126) explain that the medical personnel should adopt ethical procedures during transplant. Every step and decision they make during the…

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