Chapter 1 What is Democracy Policing ?

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Chapter 1 What is Democracy Policing ?

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Chapter 1 -What is Democracy Policing?
The police department is an essential part of the society, especially in the last two centuries. The police force maintains law and order in the community by protecting the rights of the citizens. Democracy has become a vital aspect of the society as countries around the world embrace democratic governments. Consequently, democratic policing has become a fundamental element in democratic governments as states experience continuous tension between the desire for order and liberty. Additionally, the community also needs protection from the police. A democratic police force is subject to the rule of law, that is, respects human dignity, rather than following the orders of an influential leader. Furthermore, democracy policing entails intervening in the life of a citizen only under limited and carefully controlled situations and public accountability. The paper is going to expound further on the concept of democratic policing.
1. For democratic policing to be an integral part of the community, the society must have a history and culture of public service. In countries where the government is primarily focused on the maintaining public tranquility, the police force is more service-oriented as they prevent and curb crime as well as provide assistance and services to the citizens.
2. Transparency is an essential aspect of democratic policing. A country that holds its po…

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