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Wound Care

Wound Care
Clinical Question
For patients with recurrent wound infections, is ultrasound a better method of assessment compared to Bates-Jensen Wound Assessment Tool?
The care and management of wound infections is a crucial care component in the hospital setting, for it is applicable in the obstetrics unit, surgical unit and the situation of patients with ordinary wounds as well as those suffering from ulcers. It is thus critical to have a well-developed management plan for any wound infections. The need for proper management leads to the development of the clinical question above; to ascertain which among the two assessments methods provides a reliable assessment from which one can draw a befitting conclusion that will lead to the most effective diagnosis and treatment.
Stephen-Haynes (2011) acknowledges leg ulcers as a major concern and a costly clinical problem both regarding treatment and its requirement of trained practice nurses and special wound care supplies. The clinical question under discussion here holds a lot of importance in lowering the economic burden of such infections, primarily by providing certainty on the preferable assessment method to use. Such confidence also lowers the probability of wounds spreading, which eventually limits the level of tissue damage, as well as the extent of pain or trauma inflicted on the patient. This question, therefore, comes in critical as a contribution towards the identification of th…

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