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Change management

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Change Management
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Sung “Pil” Kang endeavored to define the aspect of change management in his article to clear up the confusion that arises from different uses of the term. The author gave an example of a Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) project that failed as a result of unit confusion where both imperial units and metric units were used to mean the same thing. Consequently, Kang sets out to elaborate the term change management and its importance to the human performance technology field to avoid confusions and failures of any projects that can arise from its wrongful use (Kang, 2015).
In his attempt to define change management, Kang categorizes it into two; macro management change, which is viewed as a process and intervention for change. On the other hand, micro change management is tactics or procedures to implement the interventions. He further gives characteristics of each category regarding focus, target, changes agent’s roles, possible threats, when to use them and required competencies. For instance, macro change management can be used when vast changes occur around the organizational environment internally or externally, and the targeted change is organizational direction, processes, structures, and capabilities. The change agents, therefore, involved play leadership roles. On the other hand, micro change management involves management of the implementation process together with addressing hum…

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