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Change Management

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Article Review
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Article Review
The article “A strategic framework for change management,” by Price & Chahal presents the organizational policies and behaviors towards achieving the bottom line of its operation. The article substantially uses the organizational context towards in projecting the overall aspect of strategies. The predominant theme of the article presents change as an initiative that supports success in an organization. Price & Chahal uses the idea of change to be a complicated process that has several challenges. Subsequently, change is said to be driven by the organizational internal and external factors that directly affect the business operation (Price & Chahal, 2006). This article thus identifies new legislation and competitiveness as the external factors and the latest technologies as internal factors. Despite have this attributes, organizations have failed to addresses these factors in an organization due to the poor communication process in the implantation process of new policies. The initial process is to determine the organizational culture as an essential instrument towards instigating change at any point of need in an organization. Price & Chahal acknowledges other scholars in defining organizational culture as the consciousness of activities in an entity. The two authors dwell at conceptualizing changes and setting a standard framework towards initiating policies.


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