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CH5 and 6Summary

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Student’s nameInstructorCourseNovember 1, 2018
Organizational Behaviour:
In any organization, the employees have a role to play in its success or failure. Some of the factors which significantly influence the worker’s performance include; motivation, ability and the working environment. Workers are motivated to perform in their work when they are satisfied with their working environment. It is essential for the employers to ensure that the workers have just wages, are treated fairly, and the working condition is excellent.
Communication is crucial when it comes to sustaining a good employer-employee relationship (Botha 5). Employees feel motivated when their rights and views are respected. A successful organization is one which treats its employees as stakeholders. The employees should feel that they are part of the organization through participating in the decisions involving the company or business.
The employees feel their efforts are appreciated when they receive awards from their employers. The employers can use promotions, bonuses, merit pay, and award systems to increase worker’s performance. The employers can also use the reinforcement approach to alter the employees’ behaviours. For instance, a manager can decide to demote an employee who misbehaves in the workplace or promote an employee who does tremendously in his work. The personnel should know the goals and visions of an organization for them to understand what they aim to achieve. Teamwork is essentia…

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