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ch11 ch12 summary

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ch11 ch12 summary
The readings show the importance of decision making in an organizational setting. They highlight that one mistake may cost a company a lot. For example, the literature shows the case of Enron that lost over 60 billion US Dollars because of poor decision-making. It also showed the success of Google Inc which bases on the use of majority rule in making decisions. It indicates founders, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page occasionally meet with their staff members to deliberate on critical matters (Organizational Behavior n.p.). The case of Google highlights how my organization can benefit from the engagement of leaders and their followers.
The chapters highlight some of the ways I can improve in the decision-making process. They show that individuals should follow specific steps before tackling vital issues. For example, the literature outlines that people should engage in conscious thinking, information gathering and lastly the careful consideration of alternatives. The process ensures that an individual makes rational choices. It eliminates the presence of bias that undermines the effectiveness of decisions. For instance, the chapters show that many people suffer from over-confidence bias where they overvalue their views (Organizational Behavior n.p.). Thus, the literature projects some of the traps that workers should avoid in an organizational setting.
The literature indicates the role of leaders in decision-making. …

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