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Ch 9 ch 10

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Chapter 9 and 10 Questions
Chapter 9
My last team involvement was in a community outreach program. In this team, we were tasked with the responsibility of collecting data on the special needs of the elderly persons (mostly the retirees) from the local community. The task affected the team positively because it provided us with exposure to learning about elderly persons, an area of knowledge that most people ignore.
Of the ten team roles, I always take the function of the communicator. It would not be difficult for me to take on another role because as the team communicator, I always have the relevant information about the other roles within the team.
I had worked in a virtual team when we were given group coursework to complete in a group of five. The group was constituted via the instant messaging platform and every member given a separate task. One challenge with the virtual team was lack of clarity and direction among the members.
Team size depends on the task at hand. For efficiency, however, I believe that teams should be comprised of five people so that every person tasks on 2 team roles.
Chapter 10
The common types of conflicts that people experience at work are interpersonal, intergroup, and intrapersonal conflicts. In my past, I have experienced interpersonal conflict most often.
The primary causes of conflicts are challenges associated with organizational structures, communication hurdles, differences in personality, the purs…

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