CH 9 and 10summary

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CH 9 and 10summary

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Chapters 9 and 10 readings, course discussions and the videos exposed me to the concept of teams. From chapter 9 and the discussions, I realized that team performance not only depends on its composition. A successful team should set the roles related to each member. Role-setting reduces the extents of chaos and confusion with regards to team objectives. Also, the information acquired from these materials has made me appreciate how team leadership helps in steering the members’ efforts in the right direction. As a team member I will strive to ensure that team cohesion remains a necessity across all the members. In addition, the knowledge of ethics and culture across teams will support my calls for the application norms in the formation and execution of team functions. These efforts will be helpful in ensuring that all the teams I am engaged to avoid possible barriers to success.
The material also enabled me to understand the concept of conflicts in the organization. After completing this phase of the coursework, I have realized that any organization and its members can be through a period of conflict. Irrespective of the type, conflicts can be managed and solved. Various tactics, involving negotiations, can be used to manage organizational conflicts. Therefore, organizations should employ the right measures for avoiding and solving their conflicts. Most importantly, the culture and ethics in the organizations should act as a str…

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