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Ch 10 Assignment

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Physical evidence is an essential aspect of any business that shapes a consumer’s experience in general. According to Wilson et al. when designed appropriately, physical evidence influences the customer’s perception on the quality of the services offered and boosts the consumer’s relationship and loyalty to the company by building an emotional connection between the customer and the firm (1).
Question 2
The significant difference in the types of servicescapes is predicated upon the nature of the customer-company interaction. There are physical and virtual servicescapes. Physical servicescapes may be lean. These are used in business environments that have few spaces but whose core functions require physical interactions between customers and employees. Example are those found in fast food shops. On the other hand, examples of bigger business environments and multiple servicescapes include hospitals. These types are more complicated and often have different designs and elements. Despite their differences, these servicescapes serve the same role, which is to convey the expectations that the consumer should have, and facilitate the process of service delivery such as by ordering and paying. Furthermore, the servicescapes also facilitate interactions between consumers and employees and even amongst consumers. Finally, and most importantly, these servicescapes differentiate service providers in the eyes of thei…

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