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If I were tasked with creating a security operation within a large firm, such as the Boeing Company, I would adopt a hybrid security force. A hybrid security force is a mix of contract security organization and proprietary security organization (Fischer, Halibozek & Walters, 2012). A contract security organization involves a company outsourcing a security agency to meet their security needs (Fischer, Halibozek & Walters, 2012). A proprietary security organization entails a company developing an in-house security team to meet the company’s security needs (Fischer, Halibozek & Walters, 2012). A contract security organization provides a company with several benefits and drawbacks. Relieving a company administrative tasks and availing qualified personnel to protect the property of a firm and its employees are some of the benefits of contract security organization.

Once a company contracts a security agency to take care of their security needs, the security agency hires, maintains payroll records, and fires security guards. This relieves the contracting company a lot of money and time that the company could use to focus on its core business (Van Steden, Van Der Wal & Lasthuizen, 2015). Further, a company may lack the necessary knowledge and skills to train competent security professionals. In contrast, security agencies will have the requisite knowledge and skills to ensure that its employees are well trained to meet the security needs of clients. A major drawba…

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