Centralization of the film industry

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Centralization of the film industry

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Centralization of the film industry

The film industry is among the top entertainment sector in America and the entire world. Watching films both at home, on the televisions, and in public cinema’s has become so common and we can safely say that the film industry has been integrated into the world’s culture. However, except for the famous movie stars, producers, and other key industry participants, most people know very little about the film industry. One of the most interesting sectors of the film industry is its finance sector. Most people don’t know and are not even interested in knowing facts such as: who finances the production of movies, how much does a typical movie cost, how is the budget of production determined and how exactly are profits achieved? There is no any definite answer for all this questions since there are a lot of variables involved all the parts of this industry.

As it is in business and all other investments, not all movies make profits, and there isn’t any sure way of establishing exactly what will be earned. As all business people do, players in the film industry produced their products in the best way they see fit. They then advertise and promote sales as much as possible through relevant channels and sometimes the outcome may be satisfactory and sometimes disappointing.
The film El Mariachi, which had no stars, was produced in the year 1992. Despite being made for just $7000, this action themed film made about two million dollars in the U…

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