censorship and conspiracy about JF Kenndy assasination

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censorship and conspiracy about JF Kenndy assasination

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Censorship and Conspiracy about JF Kennedy Assassination.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, nicknamed “Jack” and commonly known as JFK, was born on 29th May 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts (Kroth 3). At the age of 43 years, he was sworn in as the 35th president of the United States of America. At his age, he became the youngest president in US history. From the beginning, his uniqueness preempted some type of a challenge towards his presidency. His run as president was, however, short-lived as he was shot and killed on 22nd November 1963 at 12.20pm (Kroth 10). He was assassinated while making a routine visit in Dallas, Texas through Elm Street in his convertible limousine. This assassination sparked a lot of questions and conspiracy theories on the identity of the shooter, his/her motivation and how he/she managed to do it. Almost fifty years later, many individuals are still unsure of who masterminded this assassination. The paper herein will examine conspiracy theories based on eyewitness accounts, support evidence and contradictions with the aim of proving that Lee Harvey Oswald may not have been solely responsible for this act, but might have been working with other conspirators.
Lee Harvey Oswald, born 18th October 1939, was alleged as the sole assassin that orchestrated the assassination of the president. It was claimed that Oswald was resentful with the US government ever since he was discharged from the country’s Marine Corps. Afte…

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