Celebrity Culture vs. The Real World

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Celebrity Culture vs. The Real World

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Celebrity Culture vs. the Real World
Celebrities refer to those individuals who are recognized in the society for being successful. On the other hand, religion refers to a set of values and beliefs held by a group of people passionately. The acts or ways of life of celebrities are adored and cherished by their respective fans and hence passionately follow the values held by those celebrities. On that line of thought, celebrities have a high chance of influencing the society. This is due to the fact that a celebrity has a massive following of people who are willing to follow the views of the celebrity (Marshall 189).
One of the fundamental aspects of politics is the capability of an individual to convince the people to buy his/her idea (Godwin 73). Celebrities have the advantage in the political arena since they can easily convince their fans to buy their political idea. Pop culture refers to the set of beliefs or practices that have become dominant at a given point in time. For politicians to relate to the masses, they have to appreciate pop culture.
Currently, the use of social media can be considered as part of pop culture, and politicians in the US exploits it. President Trump is argued to be running the US as a reality show this is based on the numerous counts of him creating dramas (Lucia n.p).
The Arab nations tend to favor the concept of hegemony which benefits the male gender. Celebrities have the capabil…

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