Causes of Civil War in America

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Causes of Civil War in America

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Causes of Civil War in America
It is indeed true that the civil war started in 1861 to 1865 within the United States. This was a war that took place among two groups from one state or country. The battle was between the Confederate states from the southern part of the US as well as the northern union. It has been ranked as one of the greatest war ever witnessed in American history. There exist various reasons as relating to the immediate cause of civil war. Such causes have been categorized into political, social, and economic domains. This fact depends on the nature of the causes as will be discussed in this essay. The essay tends to elaborate on some of the economic, social and political factors that gave rise to civil war in America. This will be validated by critically analyzing the political, economic, and social aspects or factors that contributed to the deadliest war in America.
Notably, the economic condition of the North and the South states prior to civil war give us a clear detail on how this war erupted. It should be noted that the north dominated the south economically. Regarding the number of states, the north had 23 while south had only 11 states hence bringing economic imbalance (Mountjoy and Tim 14). Conversely, most manufacturing industries were in the northern part while the southern part did well in agricultural farming geared towards providing industries with raw materials. Therefore the trade balance in…

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