Cause and Effect Relationship

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Cause and Effect Relationship

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Cause and Effect Relationship – The Causes of Car Accidents
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Road carnage is among the leading causes of deaths all across the universe. World Health Organization speculates that car accident will be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030 if necessary interventions are not undertaken to address this menace (World Health Organization, 2018). Some of the causes of road accident are mechanical failures, distractions, poor weather conditions and failure to obey traffic rules. The effects range from injuries to death of either the car occupants, pedestrians or both. Car accidents are caused by mechanical faults, human errors and natural causes and the effects range from physical harm, death and emotional trauma among persons who have lost their loved ones.
Human errors are triggered by drivers who fail to adhere to the set traffic rules and those who become victims of distractions. The most common distractions are the use of mobile phones either when calling or texting and talking to passengers (Bartley, 2008). A car mechanical failure is also a principal cause of car accidents all over the world. Additionally, forces of nature are also partially to blame for some of the road accidents. Unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy rains, storms, and thick fog may obscure visibility and thereby exposing drivers to the risk of causing an accident. The effects of car accidents span from physical, emotional and financial consequences…

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