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cause and effect Paragraph

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Search engines such as Google were created to aid human beings in conducting research. However, the research generated by a couple of experts indicates that search engines are rerouting the human memory. To start with, the human memory has been routed to remember the sites where the answers can be found rather than keeping the answers in mind. Many young people prefer reading online because they think that Google and other sites such as Bing make learning easy. The result is that many have discarded the textbooks claiming that they make learning complex. The concentration and linear attention created by reading books have been eroded (Hooper, Val, and Channa Herath 18).
With the Internet in mind, the reading skills of many people have been reduced. Consequently, those who study online have been found to have lower academic performance than those who read books. What results is that, the students who learn online score lower grades in subjects such as English or Literature classes. In light of reading books, it has been found that the imaginational processing is significantly engaged as compared to reading digital content. The Internet has virtually replaced the books and the need to read the textbooks. For instance, Google can lead the students to where the answers to specific questions are located. Consequently, the reading habits of the students have been derailed because they do not spe…

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