causal factors

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causal factors

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Causal factors
Causal factors and recommendations
In 2007 an incident arose at the Little General Store where there was a propane explosion. In the explosion four people died and several employees and emergency responders were injured. Several causal factors were identified in the 2007 incident at the Little General Store. These causal factors can be linked to the level of accountability. The level of accountability in an organization include the low level consisting of the workers and supervisors, the middle level where management is placed and at the top level or corporate level. Several causes are attributed to the gas explosion and hereby referred to as the causal factors. The causal factors include failure by Little General Store to inspect gas tank before acquiring it, inexperienced technicians working on the propane tank, safety measures not followed during gas tank transportation, as well as the firm failing to meet all the safety measures in conducting the propane business. Little General Store Supervisors erred in allowing untrained junior staff to work on the propane gas tank resulting in the accident. Employees lacked full knowledge of the likelihood of the gas exploding. The propane tank was not properly placed against building. Junior staff opened a faulty valve which resulted in the leakage of propane gas hence leading to the explosion. The management allowed employees and emergency responders to remain in the danger zone despite knowi…

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