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catch me if you can movie review

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Catch Me If You Can is an American film depicting the life of a successful impersonator, Frank Abagnale Jr, in the history of the United States (Ebert 1). I saw the movie in the theater in March 2005 during the weekend. Jeff Nathanson wrote the film. It was first released in 2002. There was a strong box office appeal for Catch me if you can. Steven Spielberg directed the film. He is perceived by many to be the most influential and popular director in the cinema history. This is something that made the movie win so many rewards such as BAFTA Film Award.
The setting of the movie begins in the year 1964 to 1967. Frank successfully impersonated a pilot for Pan Airlines and flew for free over two million miles. Also, at Georgia hospital, he wore falsely the cup of a pediatrician the cup (Williams 10). At around the age of 19, Frank had gathered a lot of money that he banked in more than 26 foreign countries. Frank goes through a lot, this is one of the reason of his separation from parents as well as the financial stress of his father with the IRS (Williams 10).
The movie is a historical representation of an era where deception was highly regarded and praised by people. The director might have seen it important to show people the milestone made to the legal system in the wake of 21st-century Deception was seen as a successful thing and inspired the young generation. It was during the industrial revolution. Though the people made …

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