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Cast Away

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Cast Away
An in-depth look into movies reveals that they have a more elaborate role in the society other than just being a tool entertainment. It is evident from the movie, Cast Away that premiered on the big screen in 2000. The film features Tom Hanks that starred as the primary protagonist. Hanks takes the role of Chuck Noland, a plane crash survivor in a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. It is while trying to survive by himself in the remote island that he encounters problems that led to the manifestation of suicidal tendencies. A psychological approach illustrates that Chuck developed mental dissonance that forces him to forge an intimate relationship with Wilson. However, Wilson is a ball, and it is unusual that he engaged in dialogues with the object. The incidence of the movie and the behavior of Chuck shed light on the condition experts in psychology referred to as “the grief process” by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.
The connection between Chuck and Wilson resembles that of close acquaintances such that he lamented and apologized he threw the ball into the ocean. From a non-specialist point of view, Cast Away is merely a film with a weird narrative. However, there are psychological concepts evident in the movie, and this is what is captured in the article. The works of famous psychologist such as Charles Horton Cooley have been used to analyze the behavior and Chuck and his odd behavior with a ball…

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