Cases Role-Play

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Cases Role-Play

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Cases Role- Play
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Precipitating event: He thinks that he might have contracted gonorrhea from a woman that he had a night stand with.
Cognitions: I had sex with another woman. My wife is going to leave me when she finds out because she ultimately will. I feel so guilty, and I’ll end up telling her. I should avoid seeing her for now. If she leaves me, I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. I will kill myself before she finds out because if she does, she’ll leave and I can’t live without her.
Emotional distress: The client appears to be highly agitated, anxious, and sad.
Impairments in functioning: He avoids his talking to his wife. He cannot face her and now lives in a motel. He cannot go to work fearing that his wife will find him there.
Suicide assessment: He has ideation, lacks the plan, and has the means. Validation: The level of risk is moderate. It is difficult to open up to one’s partner about having an affair.
Education: Gonorrhea is a curable disease. You only need to visit a clinic, get tested, and receive treatment.
Reframe: You are worried that your wife will react badly about the affair. She will be devastated about it, but it will be worse for her if you commit suicide.
Empowerment: You’re devastated because you understand that you did wrong. This is the first step towards changing your life. You have the power in you to dictate the kind of sexual exposures you will be having.
Coping: After the assessmen…

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